Billedcollage af lyst- og fritidsfiskeri.

REKREA: Improving the basis for managing recreational fish stocks

The aim of the REKREA project is to improve the basis for managing some of the stocks of marine fish which are caught by both recreational and commercial fishermen, thereby ensuring that there will be sufficient fish for everyone in future.

The project is being carried out by DTU Aqua at Technical University of Denmark, which is collecting data from recreational fishermen on fishing tour boats, in harbours, and along the Danish coastline. 

If you happen to meet a DTU Aqua employee when you are out fishing, it is completely up to you whether you choose to participate, but we obviously hope that you will—for the sake of the fish stocks. 

The project is supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, which is administered by the Danish Fisheries Agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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11 AUGUST 2022