Coastal fishing. Photo: DTU Aqua

Coastal fishing on Funen

The REKREA project studies angling along the Danish coasts with Funen as a case study

What information is collected?

Part of the REKREA project focuses on angling along the Danish coasts. The surveys are conducted on Funen (ICES statistical area 22), which is popular for coastal fishing, not least for sea trout, and which is also representative of coastal fishing in Denmark as a whole. 

The survey is primarily being carried out to gain experience with different types of data collection. In the long term, the goal is to learn more about our fish stocks and thus improve the basis for managing them. 

Data collection on Funen is taking place in spring 2017, when employees from DTU Aqua will travel around the coast and interview anglers to find out what they have caught, the duration of their fishing trip, the weight and size of the fish they have caught etc.

Participation is of course voluntary. However, we hope that as many people as possible will spare a few moments of their time to help us. 

How is data collected?

In the REKREA project, DTU Aqua collects data about coastal fishing around Funen in three ways:

  • We interview anglers in the places where they are fishing, and ask them about their catches and their fishing trips. After the interview, the anglers receive an e-mail with a link to a questionnaire, which needs to be completed at home. Those who complete and return the questionnaire are entered in a draw for some great prizes.

  • We count the number of anglers we can see standing along the Funen coastline from the air.

  • We will also try to establish a group of anglers who will report their catches and fishing trips via DTU Aqua’s online catch diary called “Fangstjournalen”.

What will the data be used for? 

The researchers will use the information from recreational fishermen about their fishing trips and catches etc. to ensure healthy stocks for fishing in future. Not many Danish studies have been conducted on how to best gather information from recreational fishermen who are spread over a large geographical area, for example hundreds of kilometres of coastline. The main focus of this part of the REKREA project is therefore to look at how to collect information from recreational fishermen in the best possible way, and the project will test various methods in connection with the surveys along the Funen coastline. In this way, we obtain valuable experience which can be used in future surveys of recreational fishing along the Danish coasts.

We are using angling along the Funen coastline as an example. Funen attracts a large number of angling tourists, with people coming from near and far, especially in the spring. We therefore expect the project to contribute useful information about the extent of recreational fishing on Funen at this time of year. This knowledge will be helpful both for local anglers and for the tourist organizations, for example Seatrout Fyn, in seeking to develop tourism while ensuring healthy fish stocks.



Christian Skov
Associate Professor
DTU Aqua
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17 OCTOBER 2021